Northwestern Networks Group's Industrial Impact

  • Wi-FM (ICNP '15):
    The Wi-FM system is currently licenced for experimental evaluation.

  • GeoEcho (WI '14, best paper award):
    The GeoEcho system has been deployed by Narus Inc. (now Symantec).

  • MOSAIC (Sigcomm '13):
    The Mosaic system has been deployed by Narus Inc. (now Symantec).

  • Street-Level IP Geolocation (NSDI '11):
    This work led to Nanjee, Inc., co-founded in 2011 by (then PhD student) Yong Wang and prof. Aleksandar Kuzmanovic. Prof. Kuzmanovic since serves as a Chief Scientist at Nanjee, Inc.

  • Measuring Serendipity (IMC '09):
    A user classification scheme has been deployed by Narus, Inc. (now Symantec).

  • Thinning Akamai (IMC '08):
    This work led to an upgrade of Akamai's naming policy.

  • Googling the Internet (Sigcomm '08, ToN '09):
    A traffic classification scheme has been deployed within the Narus Semantic Traffic Analyzer by Narus, Inc. (now Symantec).

  • Drafting Behind Akamai and Relative Network Positioning (Sigcomm '06, ICDCS '08):
    This work led to the popular ONO BitTorrent plugin, developed and disseminated by our collaborators Fabian Bustamante and David Choffnes.

  • The Power of Explicit Congestion Notification (Sigcomm '05, IETF '09):
    ECN extension led to the Internet RFC 562 with Sally Floyd and K.K. Ramakrishnan in 2009.

  • TCP-LP (Infocom '03, ToN '06):
    TCP Low Priority (TCP-LP) has become a part of the Linux operating system and is being distributed for Linux kernel 2.6.14 and above, September, 2006.