Pollution Resilience for Internet Caches

This research is supported by NSF Cyber Trust Program.

Motivation and Approach

  • Motivation.
  • Proxy caching servers are widely deployed in today's Internet. While cooperation among proxy caches can significantly improve a network's resilience to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, lack of cooperation can transform such servers into viable DoS targets. We investigate a class of pollution attacks that aim to degrade a proxy's caching capabilities, either by ruining the cache file locality (locality disruption attack), or by inducing false file locality (false-locality attack).

  • Countermeasures.
  • We develop efficient methods to detect both false-locality and locality-disruption attacks, as well as a combination of the two. We leverage techniques such as bloom filter and probabilistic counting to achieve high scalability for a large number of clients/requests without sacrificing the detection accuracy. Once attacks being detected, we counter them by either blocking malicious clients or removing pollution files. We implement our countermeasures as an add-on program of Squid Web cache. We call this add-on program Anti-pollution Engine (AE) System.



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    An extended version of the ICNP 2006 paper.

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    [ .pdf | .pdf.gz | .ppt ]

Download Anti-pollution Engine System

An introduction and the source code of the Anti-pollution Engine System is available here.