Sigcomm 08 PD Review #35A
Overall merit: 4. Accept
Reviewer expertise: 2. Some familiarity

===== Comments for author =====

I liked this poster proposal, despite it's somewhat dramatic language ;-)

The authors propose building a measurement infrastructure in order to assess how network traffic is being filtered/shaped/... by ISPs. This is a good question, and an interesting infrastructure to build. It also has certain advantages over systems like traceroute@home et al (which should be cited), because the end user can be motivated to become part of the infrastructure in order to assess the service provided to them by their ISP.

The work is at an early stage, and the authors do not have so many results to report yet, but I think it is still interesting.

Sigcomm 08 PD Review #35B
Paper #35: Monitoring Network Bias

Overall merit: 3. Weak accept
Reviewer expertise: 3. Knowledgeable

===== Comments for author =====

I think this is a very interesting idea. The unfortunate part is that
I don't think the authors go very far or use a very sophisticated
technique in understanding what networks are doing to packet flows.
One related area of research is understanding link quality or end-to-end
quality for reasons of taking action to improve the quality of
transmission. It seems similar kinds of measurement techniques could
be applied here. And given the work in this area, what the authors
propose is fairly simplistic. Still, I think the new application of
these kinds of ideas is interesting and the authors will likely get
good feedback.